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Now Playing on the Typing Keys and Ink Quills

October 27, 2014

As if I use ink quills to write a screenplay.  Ohhh, now I want to.  I want to try that.  Wouldn’t that be amazeballs!  If you wrote a final draft of a screenplay in caligraphic ink quill and gave it to someone like that?  They’d have to be impressed.  Or, think you’re off your rocker.  But, what if the screenplay was like some Jane Austen thing?  That would fit perfectly.  Anyway…

Feel free to borrow my idea of writing a screenplay in full caligraphy via ink quill.  I don’t think I’ll do it anytime soon.  But, if you do it, I’d like to see the end result.

Now my brain’s back to pondering this again.  It would actually kind of, maybe fit what I’m currently working on.  Brain stop.  Stop it.  Stop it, brain!  You’re not writing this thing with calligraphic ink quills.

But, it’d be so cool.  And it’d stand out.
It’s the most unique idea ever.

Shut up, brain.

There goes my brain again.  Lavishly pondering shit I don’t want to lavishly ponder.  It’s at least part of why I started writing in the first place.  I can’t stop my brain from thinking about, well, calligraphy, or mah jong or buddhism or the numbers in the sequence of –

You get the idea.  BTW, I never play mah jong – totally random.

Focus, brain, you’re writing an important blog post.  The fate of humanity rests on its’ shoulders.

You can’t trick me.  That’s some hyperbolic bullshit.
The fate of nothing rests on this blog post.

Ok, fine brain, you win.

Of course I do.  I always win.  I’m your brain.
You can’t get rid of me.  I control you.

No you don’t.  Ask the buddhists.  Control is a figment of your imagination.

Brain storms off in a huff.

Good.  Now that we got that out of the way.  The thing that is currently playing on the typing keys of my latest screenplay is:

It’s a growth story.  Of course, I suppose if you think about it, many movies can claim that.  But, it’s a coming of age, fish out of water, can you go home again, growth story.  It’s also a journey away from innocence of youth.  A discovering.  An exploratory journey.

I suppose it could be argued many people have such journeys in their lives.  But, I think this one is filled with more questioning.  More searching.  Less blind acceptance.  At the heart of it is a curiosity, a will to do the right thing, and a struggle to do so in the face of a growing, unseen reality.

Cameron Crowe once called “Almost Famous” a love letter to the times, people and happenings of his youth.  [I’m paraphrashing] but he definitely said “love letter.”  This is my version of that.  It is a love letter to a journey I once made.  It is by no means a true story.  It is unlike Crowe’s “Almost Famous” in that way.  However, the emotional resonance of the story, the coming of age, the journey into the depths and back again, it all rings so true to me.  Simultaneously, I have the benefit of time, the distancing myself from it, to see it more clearly – vividly.

It’s a drama.  Maybe a little comedy thrown in.  Definitely some.  Does that make it a dramedy?  I don’t know.  It’s definitely fairly low budget.  That’s purposeful.  But, more so, it speaks to the actuality of the growth process – doesn’t take frills, just a curiosity, perhaps courage, maybe a little adventurousness.

What makes a screenplay a dramedy?

Shut up, brain.  You had your time.

You know what the story really is, though?  It’s the movie I wish someone had made for me.  Back in the day.  And, it’s for the future “me”s of the world.

Inevitably, some reader will tell me it doesn’t appeal to all four quadrants.

I don’t want it to appeal to all four quadrants, fucker!

Thanks Brain.


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