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Lemmings for Genre Singularity

October 8, 2014

Dear Lemmings for Genre Singularity,

Jump off your lemming cliff.  Then, go watch Raiders of the Lost Ark again.  Tell me what happens twelve and a half minutes into the movie, after Indiana Jones escapes, and he’s flying in the helicopter to freedom.  Yes, I’m talking about the snake.  The pet snake, Reggie.  The moment in which the lemmings for genre singularity would scream out, “How dare they add comedy to an action adventure movie!  You can’t mix genres! ”  Wanna bet!  Watch any great movie.  For that matter, just watch the rest of Raiders of the Lost Ark.  If you don’t find half a dozen comedic moments with one eye, you’re blind.

Raiders is #30 on the imdb top 250, but let’s go higher.

How about Pulp Fiction #5.  You don’t think there’s comedy in that needle to the heart to save a life scene?

Or #4, The Dark Knight.  You seriously didn’t grin a little when you saw The Joker in the female nurses get-up in the latter half of the movie?  Or when Bruce Wayne crashed into that dude who was going to reveal Batman’s identity?  Or most of the scenes with that guy?  The Dark Knight is considered one of the grittiest superhero movies and it’s got quite a bit of comedy interlaced in it.

Fight Club.  #10 on the list.  And, I only need to say two words, “Fight Club.”  That shit’s chock full of comedy.  But, don’t talk about it.

Lemmings for Genre Singularity would pass on all those movies.  One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest wiped out of existence.  Forrest Gump – gone.  Goodfellas – not a chance.  Do I amuse you?  Am I a clown?

Lemmings for Genre Singularity would eradicate the vast majority of the top rated movies on imdb.  Back to the Future.  Gone.  Gone.  Gone.  Django Unchained.  Chained to non-existence.  Most of Tarantino’s movies – wiped out.

Yet, somehow, someway, there are apparently people in the industry who think genre singularity is a necessity.  Even in the midst of Guardians of the Galaxy proving them wrong right now.  The problem is not the movies mixing genres.  The problem is lemmings not understanding that genres can and should be mixed.  Most of the greatest movies do it.  And, if you don’t see that, if you can’t comprehend the importance of mixing genre:

  • providing levity in a tense moment
  • grounding something
  • demonstrating a character trait
  • making one genre aspect more palatable – and, actually, more digestible by a wider audience

Then, you’re a lost lemming, and you should jump off your genre singularity lemming cliff, because you’re not helping anyone by spreading your false knowledge.

Mic Drop.  I’m out.



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