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Human Behavior

October 2, 2014

I believe you need to know something about human behavior to be a good screenwriter.  Perhaps the more you know about human behavior the better your chances are of being a great screenwriter.

I read some feedback recently, for another screenwriter.  So, I come to what I’m about to say objectively.  I didn’t provide the feedback and it’s not my screenplay.

The feedback claimed the premise was bad.  The reader had a point IF EVERYTHING HUMANS DO IS BASED PURELY ON LOGIC.  In my estimation, this reader did not understand human behavior.  Or ignored it.  The reader essentially claimed that since something was illogical it was bad.  Asserting that humans always act logically.  The reader didn’t take into account any emotions.  I saw it right away.  As an objective third party, it was obvious.

This reader was wrong.  The premise was good.  That reader should be ignored.  That reader probably also shouldn’t be an evaluator of screenplays, as they do not understand human behavior.  They can not be trusted for feedback.  Writing screenplays requires an understanding of human behavior.  So does providing proper feedback on said screenplays.

It’s kind of like if I pitched a premise where someone who doesn’t understand human behavior served as a judge of screenplays analyzing human behavior.  That’s ILLOGICAL!  But, it might just be a good premise.

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