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Writerly Life Snapshot

June 17, 2014

Moments ago, I was writing a scene.  Or editing.  Or re-writing.  Whatever you want to call it.

In the moment that I put the finishing touches (for now) on the scene, I looked at myself and thought, “this would make a good selfie depicting the writer’s life.”  Note, I’m not big on selfies, so let me elaborate.

I was sitting in my chair typing, wearing a backpack in a manner that a backpack is not normally worn.  A fastening device – attempting to duplicate the experience of handcuffs – was wrapped around my right arm.  And, there I was, writing.

If anyone walked in on me in that moment, took a snap-shot, or if I was inclined to take a selfie and share it with the world, they would, undoubtedly, ask about the situation at hand.  Moments earlier, I had utilized these devices and probably looked even stranger.  Heck, I was still technically using them.  The way the backpack strap was resting on my body was relevant to what I was writing, though the faux handcuffs were temporarily hanging out of use.

But, moments earlier, I was utilizing both these props to their fullest capacity as I tried to houdini my way through usage of the backpack while being “hand-cuffed.”  At one point, the backpack became hard to remove, as it was tangled around my body, at which point, I remembered, “these aren’t real hand-cuffs, I can remove them.”  So I did, along with the backpack.  Of course, the writerly part of my investigative self also thought, “it’s good that the backpack can be hard to remove.”  It actually helps my scene quite a bit.

Anyway, today, that’s my writerly life.


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