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What Approach Should I Take? Know Yourself

May 2, 2013

A myriad of novice screenwriters, throughout the halls of aspiring Hollywood-dom, seek advice on what route they should take in order to “break into the business.” In a vague, non-realistic way, it makes sense, but it’s tantamount to asking what approach to take in life. No one else can really answer this question for you. You must find your own path. To this end, it helps to know yourself.

What You Need to Know:

What are your goals? Do you seek to revolutionize screenwriting to the tune of several Oscars, tons of money at the box offices and be the true idol of millions, yet through a long, arduous path that requires every sacrifice imaginable short of death and absolutely no security or promises along the way? Or, do you need a secure TV writing gig with a steady paycheck?

The way you answer the above questions is paramount to who you are and your approach. So, you need to realistically assess:

How creative you are.
Whether you prefer working alone or with a team.
How much insecurity you can put up with.
How much freedom you seek and/or need.
What you want to do.
What you can do.
What you seek.
What you despise.

There is no one path. But, here are a few:

Get involved with a mediocre production company, churn out mediocre work, but get steadily paid to churn out words with a sense of security and knowing when and where your next paycheck will come from – all while doing your dream of writing. Upside – slim. Downside – slim.

Sacrifice just about everything, because you truly believe you will revolutionize screenwriting. In the meantime, go broke, experience tremendous amounts of insecurity revolving around where the money will come from, but with the hope that it will work out. All the while, banking on yourself that when it does work out, the upside is HUGE! You’ve gotta be a bit of a risk taker and a perfectionist. Upside – All the way. Downside – All the way.

And, those are really the only two options that need to be laid out, because you’re either one, the other, or somewhere in between. So, know yourself. Then, and only then, can you know what route, approach, path you should take with your screenwriting. So, you can stop asking me, capiche?

Go know yourself.


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