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Humanized By; Demonized By

January 7, 2013

I’m currently in the formulative stages of one of my scripts (isn’t this kind of always the case?). I have my head wrapped around a good portion of the characters and story. Though, I’m aware there are gaps in my outline which spans my head, notecards, scraps of paper and computer files. So, I took out a clean piece of paper and wrote three columns at the top – “Character” in the middle, “Humanized By” on the left and “Demonized By” on the right. It was easy to fill out my three-column character chart, because I have a good grasp on my story and I have characters that are ripe for playing off each other.

For the most part, my exercise told me what I already knew, but displayed it in a new form. However, it also enlightened something for me, as I was filling up my columns with ease. It showed me where the gaps were.

Aside: I always like finding the weaknesses in my scripts, because if I can turn those into strengths, it’ll do wonders for my script.

Anyway, performing my exercise taught me that I need a specific scene with a specific set of three characters, to fully round out their stories/arcs.

Side note: The “Humanized By” and “Demonized By” columns are very pertinent to the script I’m formulating; for a different genre, other classifications may be more relevant.


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  1. My desk is filled with paper and flashcards too!

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