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I R Pre-Newb

December 18, 2012

“I have some ideas floating around in my head.” – Said the pre-newb screenwriter.

I’ve become utterly astonished at how many times I’ve heard a statement similar to the above mentioned by someone who claims to want to be a screenwriter.  I wear clothes, but it doesn’t make me a fashion designer.  When it comes to clothes, I wouldn’t have the first clue about how to fashion them.  Alas, ideas are a far cry from a screenplay.  Also, it’s cliche, but ideas are a dime a dozen.

I started writing when I was a child.  My first screenplay was crap.  All human beings that have ever existed have thoughts and ideas floating around their head.  What have you tried to do with them?  What have you actually done with them?  If you want to write them down, actually write them down!

The first screenplay I ever wrote was crap, but there’s something to be learned from it.  So, write.  Though, it might help to learn a few basics about screenplay writing first.  So, here’s a great screenwriting resource page with formatting tips, courtesy of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.  It even contains a Screenplay Format Sample.  That’s a good starting point.  But, please remember, it’s only the very beginning.

I recall someone once saying you have to write ten screenplays before you’re great at it.  I agree.  So, get back to me once you’ve written ten screenplays, or, at least, half that.

It’s true, you may think you’re first script is great, but by the time you get to your fifth one, you’ll look back on that first one and know it is crap.  There are very rare exceptions to this, but, more often than not, there are also exceptional circumstances.  Anyway, becoming a professional screenwriter is a very long shot, anyway, but good luck.

  1. My first script was 12 pages long, after time passed I ended up with 121.

  2. I’m curious what exactly you had at 12 pages and how that compared with the end result of 121.

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