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Moral Compass or Some Other Name For It

August 27, 2012

I write my scripts with some semblance of a moral compass in mind (I hope people don’t read too much into this, because it might not be what they think.)  Once in awhile, this limits me.  But, it also forces me to be creative about my approach.  My moral compass (and that may be the wrong term) is a self-imposed obstacle, but it forces a certain type of creativity upon my work (this feels redundant), which can be wonderful.

I was just re-reading one of those scenes, while editing a script.  It’s a great scene that I adore (other people have enjoyed it too) and it would not have come to fruition if I was not passionate about adhering to my thought process.  The fact that I stuck to it and stood by it is all the difference in the scene.  I’m aware that I sometimes limit myself pretty drastically with my “moral compass stick-to-it-iveness,” which can be tough, but I think it’s worth it.

I’m surprised how slow and laggy wordpress is; I might have to change blog venues.  So much for stick-to-it-iveness.


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